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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you offer this service? Why not just build a portfolio of Youtube channels for yourself?
    Of course our founders have their own channels. There are two reasons why Viral Asset Ventures partners with clients. For us it comes down to capital, as we don’t have the resources to fund an endless supply of channels. This is why we created a win-win partnership where we get access to more capital to build more channels and our partners get to leverage our team of experts and social media expertise to create digital assets and passive income streams for them.
  • Who owns the channel?
    You will always have 100% ownership of your channel. We build it, manage it, and scale it, while you take a large majority of the profits. The best part? Since you own the channel, you’ll have the option to sell your channel for a high-liquidity exit at any time you’d like. Additionally, our network consists of investors and partners who are always looking to acquire digital assets for their portfolio.
  • How does a faceless Youtube channel work? Do I have to film any videos myself?
    We know you’re busy, which is why we created our done for you service to allow you to leverage our expertise in a growing industry, all while not having to lift a finger. Since this is a faceless YouTube channel, you will not have to record any videos or do anything hands-on once you have been onboarded. Here’s a brief overview of our 5-step process that allows us to make that happen: Niche Selection Viral360 Content Formula SEO & Organic Optimization Maximum Monetization Ongoing Hands-Free Management Working with our team here at Viral Asset Ventures means you have your very own dedicated team of experts growing and managing your passive faceless YouTube channel 24/7.
  • Is This Truly A Hand-off Investment?
    Yes, from your end you’ll need to do things like giving us access to your Google ad sense account, pay your monthly video production invoice, handle your own taxes, etc., but beyond that, our done for you YouTube channels are 100% hands-off and we handle everything.
  • What’s the guarantee?
    We’re so confident in our process, that if your channel isn’t profitable for whatever reason, we’ll buy it back from you. No questions asked.
  • How much does it cost?
    The average setup costs range from $25,000 to $55,000, but there are options that serve smaller and larger budgets. Viral Assets Ventures also has financing partners that allow our clients to take advantage of starting without putting up their own capital.
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